About ISW

The ISW - Internationales Studienzentrum Wirtschaft and its experts have been active in the international and German education market since 1988. As a non-profit organization, ISW invests all generated funds in the purpose of its organization: development of educational models and their implementation.

  • ISW is one of the few providers that can link educational counselling with its own training companies on the basis of its tried and tested experience.
  • ISW is economically and ideologically independent. It is not committed to any donor organisation in the EU or the United Nations. This rules out conflicts of interest at the expense of partners in funded projects.
  • ISW has successfully developed educational projects for partners in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central/South America.
  • ISW is committed to iMOVE's quality criteria.  ISW receives project funding from ministries of the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU.

Educational Management and Consulting

ISW – Internationales Studienzentrum Wirtschaft works with companies in the educational supply sector to improve outcomes for students and educational institutions globally. We support governments, foundations, NGOs, and educational institutions to achieve rapid gains in student learning outcome.

We cooperate with experts with worldwide experience in theory and practice in the fields of didactics/methodology, curriculum development, train the teacher and train the trainer, dual education (TVET), dual study, educational management and development of educational systems for governments and municipalities.

 Transforming school systems

Germany is renowned worldwide for its excellent education system. Above all, the dual approach to training - in companies and at universities - is considered a starting point for individual transformation by other countries and cultures. It is not a question of reproducing the German system as accurately as possible, but of bringing together central elements and maintaining country-specific conditions and advantages.

Supporting (higher) educational institutions

Whether college, university or general school: all schools are in competition both within the framework of their systematic classification and with each other - nationally and internationally. This is where ISW – Internationales Studienzentrum Wirtschaft can help with studies, organisational development and management consultancy.

Harnessing educational technology and educational methods

It is not only digitalisation in education that requires the education sector to rethink. The associated didactic methods and possibilities are also affected. This is where the ISW - Internationales Studienzentrum Wirtschaft, with its broad experience and special development tools, comes in, giving the education provider an edge over its competitors.