ISW g.GmbH enters into a cooperation agreement with Healthcare United GmbH

The International Study Center for Economics, ISW g.GmbH, Freiburg, Germany, is entering into a cooperation agreement with Switzerland based Healthcare United GmbH.

Germany offers many opportunities to work in the Healthcare system, which has employed numerous specialists from abroad for many years. Hospitals, Care centers, Retirement centers, Rehabilitation clinics and Nursing schools work successfully with well-qualified foreign specialists.

Specialists who have completed their vocational or university degree abroad must have their degree recognized in Germany in order to be able to work in Germany’s Healthcare system. In addition, they also have to prove their technical skills and linguistic proficiency.

At the request of Healthcare United GmbH, the International Study Center for Business (ISW) has developed a tailor-made program with a modular academic system for international specialists, focused on working in hospitals and facilities for geriatric care, including cultural integration courses, leading to the recognition of foreign professional qualifications in Germany.

The program is suitable both for foreign specialists in the Healthcare care system who are interested in coming to Germany from their home country or foreign specialists who are already in Germany, who speak German, know the Healthcare system and have not yet completed their recognition test for their foreign education or vocational training.

The program offered at ISW in Freiburg, Germany offers both theoretical and practical knowledge of the Healthcare profession and is actively shaped by our Healthcare experts.

Accompanying the program is linguistic support, which not only aims to master the German language in general (B2 GER), but also trains the participants intensively in professional conversations with patients and medical field colleagues.

In cooperation with Healthcare United GmbH, an experienced company in working with international Healthcare professionals, interested participants are supported starting in their home country. Healthcare United GmbH offers grants, financial aid, advice on public funding and full-time placement with suitable Healthcare providers in Germany.

Working with a network of partners in Switzerland, Germany and abroad, Healthcare United GmbH manages the recognition process, language training and subject-specific training online or in person also in the home country.

Interested professionals from Germany or abroad who have completed their degree or professional qualification in the Healthcare sector (e.g. doctors, nurses and nursing assistants) and who want to take their examination in Germany according to the Recognition Act, as well as interested parties who would like to apply for training in the Healthcare sector in Germany, will receive detailed advice and guidance.

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